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 Post subject: Wife is 6 weeks in, could use advice.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:35 pm 

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My wife has been attempting TSM since the beginning of May with mixed results. At first it seemed to help control portions and rate of consumption. We think it was the honeymoon others have described. Old habits quickly returned and she has been secretly binge drinking wine, multiple days at a time, sometimes for 18 hours a day. I'm concerned that she has already undone any good the naltrexone has done by drinking more that 12 hours a day and by drinking so much (3 or more bottles of wine a day).

She has agreed to take 50mg at 8AM and 50mg at 8PM everyday while she is having these uncontrollable cravings. I am now supplying her with beer, which she doesn't prefer, wine is her beverage of choice. We are hoping that this combo will help her to moderate more and not drink through the NAL.

Does anyone have any other tips that might help us? The binging is very difficult as we have a 10 month old child and she is supposed to be a stay at home mother. I have been taking a lot of days off of work and sending the kid to day care to compensate. She is also on antidepressants (not benzos) and had very bad PPD (seems to have improved). Thanks.

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 Post subject: Re: Wife is 6 weeks in, could use advice.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:53 pm 

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I was about nine weeks in when I started to really see the consistent improvement. My first 8-9 weeks I drank pretty much like I did before TSM and that was early and often. I am no expert on PPD or interactions with other drugs but others will comment on that. But I was an expert on over drinking and bingeing and I am not doing that anymore. It does take time as it is not a miracle drug - it takes time for the extinguishment process to kick in. And even when it does, most people seem to have a roller coaster ride type journey on their way to a cure.

I know it is tough but keep the faith and make sure she is taking the pill an hour before she drinks. She is really early in on the process but it does work! In the meantime, it sounds like you are supporting her and your child well. Best of luck!

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 Post subject: Re: Wife is 6 weeks in, could use advice.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:36 am 

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Welcome. I would suggest cross-posting this on the other forum. If I'm not mistaken the alch councilors Joanna and Moyra have helped a couple spouses through this and it would be good to have them weigh in.


Solely my opinion, but as soon as the endorphins are released without NAL blocking them you may as well reset to the beginning as far as expectations. This is in regard to your wife drinking past 12hrs. Or perhaps even skipping a dose from time to time.

I realize the text gives an example of an all day drinker whittling down over time to 'extinction' and it is a valid example.Others have done it. In some cases though I oft wonder if it is more apropos to check into a average detox that your insurance covers for nine days. There one can be pharmacologically detoxed and is physically removed from alcohol. I've done just this in my past (long before TSM) skipping the 12-step nonsense just to walk out reset with a clearer head. Also, in the UK there is a gent whose organization specifically does this for TSM. They'll know his name on the other board. Not that you'll go there I'm instead pointing out others share a similar thought to my own.

Is she seeing an addiction therapist or my preference a talk-therapy psychiatrist? This was one of the best decisions I made. Therein one of the medications I was on was not good. AUD sufferers tend to end up on pill cocktails in my opinion and it's good to have someone take a fresh look at that as well as explore other reasons for the drinking - trauma etc. BTW, what medications is she on? Some SSRIs for example cause increased consumption. Zoloft did this to me...



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