The Cure for Alcoholism 2nd Edition and Bayblon Confidential
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Author:  DrRoyEskapa [ Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  The Cure for Alcoholism 2nd Edition and Bayblon Confidential

BenBella Books set a launch date for the Cure for Alcoholism 2nd Edition as November 6, 2012. They tell me that this edition and Claudia Christian's memoir has sold out prior to the launch date. Hopefully this will help spread the word. That is what this is all about. It can only happen at a grass roots level as the establishment cannot figure out how to profit from TSM. (Apart from the makers of Vivitrol - the long acting naltrexone injection which is not ideal from a Sinclarian perspective but which has applications under special circumstances.)

BenBella are also publishing Claudia Christian's memoir on November 6 ... describing her life - leaving home to become an actress in Hollywood aged 17 .... the trials and tribulations of Hollywood.. a page turner .. a 20 year affair with Dodi Fayed - who, tragically, also died with Princess Diana in an alcohol fueled car chase in that Paris tunnel. Claudia's loss of control over her drinking led her to almost loose her life and total loss of her income. She attempted many treatments -- all without success until she discovered TSM through The Cure for Alcoholism. She describes this in the final chapter of her book Baylon Confidential - see

The second edition contains an Introduction by Claudia and is updated to some extent. I made a note about the clinical trials showing averages of 3 to 4 months till craving and actual drinking levels show a reduction to WHO safe drinking levels... however I point out in practice that while some people respond quickly and sail through from day 1 others may take 10 months to a year to see real benefits. We do not have figures but we can estimate - based on the bell curve - that around 15 % will be fast responders and 15 % will be slow (one year) responders. We know we cannot help 8 % and also that 12 % do not or cannot comply. Some find that nausea caused by naltrexone does not go away. Here I suggest an anti-nausea medication... in the UK domperidone in the US there are many other similar medications that can be used to help those who experience continued nausea when on TSM. Usually the nausea passes ... but some people find it a barrier. Others simply do not 'comply' with strict instructions which as I repeated throughout are to take naltrexone 50 mg ONE HOUR BEFORE A DRINKING SESSION in a 24 hour period. And never take naltrexone on days when there is no drinking.

The sub-title was changed thanks to Dr Stephen Cox wonderful psychiatrist in Lexington, KY who knows more about TSM than any other doctor in the US. (He is also in touch with Dr Raymond Anton, senior reseracher on the COMBINE trial, published in JAMA, May, 2005 -- which concluded that naltrexone could now be made available in general medical settings otherwise many would be left untreated. (So the AMA is basically saying that any family doctor or GP can prescribe it for alcohol problems - even though they do not state how it works - via David Sinclair's phamacological extinction. )

Claudia's book is here:

and her short videos are here:


[size=150]Introduction (to the 2nd edition of The Cure for Alcoholism see here:

by Claudia Christian,
author of Babylon Confidential

From 2003 to 2009 I tried every available treatment
for alcoholism on the planet.

I tried rehab, detox, hypnosis, psychotherapy, vitamin treatments,
yoga retreats, spiritual intervention, AA, prayer, church,
acupuncture, past-life regression, diets, cutting out sugar, nutritionists,
electrical-current therapy . . . well, you get the point.
Nothing worked for me. I continued to remain sober for anywhere
from a month to 11-and-a-half months (never quite got to
the year mark), then fell off the wagon after convincing myself
that I was not actually an alcoholic at all—I was just an emotional
drinker. That’s the insidious thing about the disease: it makes
you think that if you can remain sober for a period of time then,
you’re not an alcoholic. So you have a drink, and you’re fine with
one, so you have two the next time, then three. Then, lo and behold,
you’re nipping in the morning to get rid of the hangover,
and, the next thing you know, you’re lying in bed detoxing with
hallucinations, puking your guts up, and crying like a 2-year-old. Well, at least that’s what I did.

I am not ashamed to admit that I was an alcoholic. In fact, I am thrilled to be able to say just that: “I was an alcoholic.” I was an alcoholic and no longer am. Alcohol does not rule my life anymore.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stand up at an AA meeting and shout: “Hi, I’m Bob, and I used to be an alcoholic!”

You can say that now. The Sinclair Method (TSM) does cure alcoholism, and I am living proof. I have been on it since that fateful day in March of 2009 when I stumbled across Dr. Roy Eskapa’s book The Cure for Alcoholism while researching the ingredients in the long-acting injectible shot, Vivitrol, that I was considering trying. The shot cost $1,000 a month, and it was supposed to inhibit cravings for alcohol. I really wanted that shot, but the detox center I kept calling thankfully—and fatefully—never returned my calls.

I bought the book and read it. Then, I copied a few chapters and brought it in to a doctor. The doctor had to look naltrexone up in his little black drug book, and he was very wary, to say the least. He had never heard of TSM, nor had he had any experience with opiate blockers. But he reluctantly gave me a prescription for 15 pills, and the rest is history.
Now I can drink safely, and I still enjoy a glass of wine and socializing with friends. I am not 100% abstinent, although there are times when I quite literally “forget” to drink other times, though, I have more than one glass of wine—just like a normal drinker. TSM has made me the person I was before the disease came creeping in. I no longer think about alcohol, and, because I am not on a strictly enforced abstinence program, I no longer resent being sober. TSM has achieved the impossible. I can drink, or I can choose not to drink. The key word here is “choose.” I have a choice now. I am free from the chains of addiction and from the chains of enforced abstinence.

I have many friends who, like me, found that as they got older, they began to abuse alcohol. It’s not surprising that both of my grandfathers abused alcohol in their 40s; my addiction began in my late 30s but, before that, I was a normal person. I didn’t drink during the day or every night; nor did I pass out or throw up or poison myself. I was just a moderate social drinker.

Many of my friends who notice that they are on their way to becoming addicts or who are seriously abusing alcohol, have gone on TSM. All of them who have taken the medication correctly have cut back greatly on their drinking: it works.

The one thing is that you must follow the simple yet massively critical directions; take naltrexone or nalmefene 1 hour prior to having your first drink in a 24-hour period. This is the Golden Rule. You might take 50mg, like me, or you might, like some people (a small percentage), need 75mg. That should be decided by you and your physician.
It is an excellent idea to keep a drinking diary, In fact, I think it is imperative to your recovery process because it really shows you the facts in black and white. For me, the graph was radically down in the beginning. Then I was abstinent. Then, a few months later, I began drinking like I did in my 20s: some wine a few times a week and no binges. I am what Dr. Eskapa calls a “fast responder,” and I am blessed that TSM worked, literally overnight, for me. But, for some of you, it might take several months.

One of my friends only saw a difference after 9 months (the average time from beginning to cure is 3–4 months); another had to up the dosage to 75mg and then saw huge results after 6 months of frustration. So you must keep the diary to see how it’s working for you personally and then adjust things as needed. Please do not make the mistake (surprisingly common) of thinking, “Oh I’ll take the medication with my first drink” or “Oh, I’ll skip it this time.”
You must take it one hour prior to your first drink for the rest of your life if you continue to drink. I cannot stress this enough. Follow the directions---please!

It’s not that hard if you prepare a little. Diabetics manage their disease, so you can manage alcoholism. Simply put your medication everywhere: in your car, in your wallet, in one of those pill-keeper key rings, in your desk at work, at home, and at your best friend’s house. Seriously . . . you need access to your medication if you know you will be in a situation where you will have a drink. I know one fellow who has a necklace with a little silver bullet on the end that holds two capsules of naltrexone, and he doesn’t even drink anymore.

So, there you have it: go to a physician, get the prescription, and take a pill an hour before your first drink. In a few months you will be cured. It’s that simple.

If I had known about TSM back in 2002, when the first signs of alcoholism were showing, I would have saved myself from years of agony, ruined relationships, loss of trust, physical pain, family discord, financial drain from treatments, weight gain, debilitating guilt and misery---to name but a few of the horrors I endured.

We cannot get those years back, but we can move forward. I did, and so can you or your loved one who is suffering from alcoholism.
In the spring of 2009 after being cured of alcoholism, I contacted Dr. Eskapa through his publisher, BenBella, and was thoroughly surprised that he responded not only quickly but with an open heart and mind and a tremendous amount of kindness, integrity, and passion. We spoke about why TSM is not better known and what I could do to help. I told him that I planned on writing a book about my journey through addiction and asked if he would mind if I used some of his research in my book.

He generously offered an entire appendix, access to Dr. David Sinclair (another saint who deserves the Nobel Prize for his tireless efforts and years of hard work), and we began a friendship and working relationship that has seen me through some of the most inspiring times of my life. These two men are utterly devoted to saving lives with this miraculous treatment, and I intend to do everything in my power to help spread the word.

My dream is that, some day soon, you will overhear someone in a bar or restaurant ask, “Did you take your pill?” Or you’ll see a young kid turn to a new friend at a club and say, “Oh, you’re a TSM-er? Me too!”
That is my dream: a world where people no longer suffer from this dreadful disease. A world where families reunite with their loved ones; where children no longer suffer abuse at the hands of an alcoholic; and where youth and beauty and talent and intelligence are not wasted on abuse and addiction. A world where car accidents are halved, medical bills chopped in pieces, and the collective cost of alcoholism on society reduced to a mere blip.

That is my dream, and I hope you, reader, will help achieve that dream.
I wish you health and happiness and freedom from addiction. I did it, and so can you.

Claudia Christian
January 5th, 2012
Hollywood, California


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