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 Post subject: how long does extinction take?
PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:37 am 

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How long does it take to go from alcoholic to cured? or from drinking uncontrollably to being able to completely control how much and how often you drink? or however you want to define it.

I have a theory:
Pharmacalogical extinction is inversely proportionate to how long it took to become dependent on alcohol.

If you read the book 'the cure for alcoholism' you might expect to see big results within a few months, and some people, including myself, are a bit discouraged when this doesn't happen. In the documentary 'One little pill' Claudia Christian also reports seeing very rapid results. I thought it was interesting because she also said that it took her a long time to develop a dependancy on alcohol. into her 40s?

So when I compared it to my experience it was almost the opposite. I feel I was pretty much alcoholic from the start. Ever since I started drinking as a teenager I wasn't able to control it while my other friends seemed to be able to. conversely, using TSM it has taken me a lot longer, about 13 months, to get my drinking down to an average of under 10 standard drinks a week.

Alcoholic's anonymous has a black and white view of alcohoism. You're either an alcohoic or you're not. there's no shades. But if you follow sinclair's model of the alcohol deprevation efffect, it makes sense that if people (or rats, because he studied on rats that were genetically predisposed to being alcos... ie Irish rats ;)) have a stronger endorphin reinforcement from alcohol, then it might take them longer to be weened off it.

Anyway I'm not sure if there has been much said about this but I would like to hear other's thoughts. ie does that fit your experience that the less time it took you to become alcoholic, the more time it took you to be cured. or vice verca

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 Post subject: Re: how long does extinction take?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:06 am 

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For me, I think there is no standard duration. Humans are different and extinction will also differ from person to person. The only thing is you have to take things easy and quite gradually.

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