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 Post subject: Re: Greetings. Drinking without Nal, and then starting again.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:37 am 

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Hi everyone

I've been on tsm for 3 months today (13 weeks) so I thought I'd share with you how it's going. I wrote the first entry on this blog at the end of week 2 when I'd just upped my nal dosage from 50mg to 75mg.
I'm 41 and I have been a heavy drinker since the beginning. Spent years in and out of AA. I started on tsm before Christmas 2016. i went to a doctor who prescribed naltrexone but he knew nothing about tsm. he told me not to believe everything i read on the internet and would only prescribe me naltrexone if i agreed to take it as he prescribed it... one pill a day and abstinece. it's a bad sign when you have to lie to your doctor and just say what he wants to hear to get the prescription, and then use it in a different way.

after 7 months on tsm I hadn't seem much improvement and then i lost my medication and started drinking without it.

Been back on for 13 weeks here is my progress

week 1 to 13

I'm stoked with how it's going. My weekly average for the last four weeks has been 22 units a week. that's almost half of pre tsm which i guestimate at around 40 per week.
I still get wobbly after taking naltrexone and the wobbliness starts before i start drinking so it is just from the naltrexone alone. i stumble on stairs and things like that. but I'm not too worried about it. small side effect. another side effect is that i seem to get grumpy after taking nal up until a few drinks in. it could be from not getting the buzz of endorphins my brain expects, but i think the grumpiness is less noticible now than at the start.
and the final side effect was that i had trouble sleeping if id taken nal but that seems to have sorted itself out. i guess my brain adjusted to it.

So I'm very happy and excited about the effortless reduction in my drinking. all i'm doing is sticking to the golden rule, and tracking my weekly drinking. im not bothering with mindful drinking or maximising endorphin activities on off days etc... just sticking to the golden rule like glue because it was horrible when i lost my medication last time.

I'm living in spain now and i want to write home and tell people about what's going on with the hopeless alco they knew. but after years and years of letting people down and unsuccessful attempts to stop or control my drinking I'm hesitant to. I want to wait maybe until 6 months or the 'cured' stage so that I'm confident enough that it's not just a honey moon phase I'm going through.

Peace to all

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 Post subject: Re: Greetings. Drinking without Nal, and then starting again.
PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:30 am 

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Glad to hear of your renewed progress and I think your plan of waiting is a good one. I waited for 3 months or so after I started having consecutive AF weeks until I called my cure. Nal On, Charles. Keep us up on your progress!

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