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 Post subject: Re: Can you combine abstinence and TSM and moderation?
PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:52 am 

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Yes TSM doesn't usually work from the first drink, it usually requires you to drink excessively, or at the same level your problem is at, for the process to begin.

Some, very few people are cured from their first session with TSM and I was lucky enough to have my intake half from my first drink with naltrexone however I drank 30 UK units and the 15 UK units dropped to would still be a lot for many people to live with.

So all depends on your individual reaction.

Naltrexone Started 20th April 2011

Cravings eliminated Sept 2011
Now fully in control, alcohol no longer bothers me. Chose to go AF from 22nd July 2013.
TSM set me free

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 Post subject: Re: Can you combine abstinence and TSM and moderation? UPDATE
PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:28 pm 

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figured I'd post my progress in this thread. let me know if you think I should repost in a separate one.

I got my Nal scrip on friday and decided to try a half-pill that afternoon before having a glass of wine with dinner later on. first drink in over 3 months...

was not really prepared for the drug's side effects. felt pretty "stoned" within 15-30 min of taking the half-pill. anyway... had a glass of wine with dinner. drank the glass leisurely and did not feel compelled to have another. this is a good thing. not like how I used to be. was quite tired so hit the hay pretty soon after dinner. I'll come back to this.

woke up the next morning with a ripping hangover. more comparable to when I'd polish off the whole bottle than a single glass. I was aware of nal-overs so I figure that's what it was.

yesterday, took the other (slightly more sizable) half of the pill mid-afternoon, same plan. again felt "stoned" in a way that was not particularly comfortable. I should mention, I smoke marijuana often, just a couple tokes as a mood stabilizer/anti-anxiety. this "stoned" feeling is not the same. not enjoyable, just kind of groggy and dizzy. some nausea as well.

had another glass of wine with dinner. same result - felt nice, tasted nice, drank it slowly, kind of contemplated a second but opted against it. went out for ice cream with my and our hosts' families, came back and did dishes, went to bed after plenty of time to digest and allow the wine to work through my system.

woke up this morning with a nal-over again. not as bad as the night before, I'd reckon, but still present. it didn't recede throughout the day felt a combination of woozy, nauseous, "thin", tired, spacy... again, like I drank 5-6x the amount I actually had.

unlike a normal hangover, this feeling is still present as of this writing, well over 24 hours after the dose and 24 hours after the alcohol. nothing - not a big meal, not strong coffee, not a lot of water, and not time - has really helped.

How does this compare to others' experiences?

Is there any correlation between strength of side effects in the individual and strength of the "nal-over"?

In only having one glass per night, did the naltrexone work, or did I simply moderate my drinking in a secure, predictable environment?

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 Post subject: Re: Can you combine abstinence and TSM and moderation?
PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:09 pm 

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The Naltrexone probably worked. I pretty much agree with everything everyone said in this thread but will just add my personal experience. I was averaging 13 drinks a night before I started TSM. The night before I started TSM I had 16 drinks. What a way to end the party! I took only 1/4 tab and went from 16 in one night to 5 the next. The next night I had 3 and since that time 11 weeks ago I've not had more then 5 drinks in one night and only on two occasions and am averaging more like 2 per night or none at all.

The results to me were shocking and 11 weeks ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me I could just have one beer after dinner and call it a night. The hardest thing I ever did in my life was to drink, the easiest thing I ever did was to reduce and even stop drinking thanks to TSM.

It works different for a lot of people. In fact I think there are groups of people that could be studied further. My hypothesis is that really bad drinkers with bad family histories like my self respond faster for a variety of reasons. I also believe that people who are actively drinking when they start TSM will have quicker results.

In your case you have a few things going on. Because you have not drank in 3 months you have lowered your tolerance to alcohol significantly and may not notice such a dramatic benefit from the Naltrexone and also you were subject to alcohol deprivation syndrome. I wonder in your case or in the case of some one who abstains for a long period of time and decides to drink again if it's better to just get back to drinking normally again, say for example one week, before getting on a TSM program. That way you get your tolerance back and you work through the binge after deprivation. You have to tear down the house before you can build a new one.

Please understand this is all conjecture on my part. I really don't know but have formulated some ideas based on my experience.

In any case, I started taking 12.5mg's and that's almost always what I take and I have not suffered any side affects. You may want to consider trying 1/4 tab and see if it works for you. I'll take a half if I am going to be out all night at a party or something like that for example just so that it stays in my system long enough. But in general I and many others here have found 1/4 to block everything and be highly effective withh out the side affects.

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 Post subject: Re: Can you combine abstinence and TSM and moderation?
PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:41 am 

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