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 Post subject: Frequently Asked Questions
PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:45 pm 
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----NOTE: This is currently a work in progress ----

1. How long does the TSM take to see the "Cure?"

The majority of those who follow TSM treatment can expect a cure within 6-9 months of faithful Naltrexone + Drinking protocol. However, this community has found that the actual time for a specific individual is dependent upon the length of time of abusive alcohol consumption and the amount of abusive consumption. The higher the consumption and the longer the time of abusive consumption, the longer the time of TSM treatment to see a cure. It is not uncommon for some individuals with high alcohol consumption numbers over a long period of time to require over 12 months of faithful TSM treatment to see a cure.

Why then does Dr. Eskapa's book state that a cure can be achieved within 3-4 months? Remember, the individuals in the studies where the 3-4 month cure timeline was presented were averaging 35 units of alcohol consumption per week. Most of those who join this community come in with much higher consumption numbers than this -- more along the lines of 50 units/week.

2. Will taking Naltrexone affect other "Positive" activities or experiences?

Dr. Eskapa's book, The Cure, states that Naltrexone treatment will affect any activity that involved the release of endorphins. It is not uncommon to notice a decreased level of sensitivity to some activities or experiences while on Naltrexone, but they tend to be very mild. However; as TSM progresses, you will only be taking Naltexone on those days that you plan to drink. As TSM treatment progresses, the days of using Naltrexone will tend to decrease. The risk of unlearning favorable behaviors will unlearning alcohol craving are relatively low.

3. What are the most common side effects of Naltrexone and how long do they last for most?

This is a difficult question. The range of side effects varies widely by individual. Moreover side effects often come and go while one is following TSM. The most common side effects are fatigue, nausea, interrupted sleep, feeling spacey, and dizziness. Typically, most side effects will subside within a 2-3 weeks of starting treatment. However, fatigue and interrupted sleep seem to be a side effect that many individuals through the majority of their treatment.

4. Can I ever break the "One Hour Rule?"


However; if you do drink before taking NAL, then take your NAL immediately when you remember to take it. It will not give you the same protection as it would if you took it 1 hour before drinking, but it will help.

5. Where can I get Naltexone?

You should talk to your Dr. about getting a prescription for Naltrexone. A PDF version of the chapter from Dr. Eskapa's book, The Cure, discussing TSM Naltrexone prescriptions for medical professional is located here: http://www.thesinclairmethod.com/downlo ... m-Ch17.pdf

Some members of this community have reported difficulty obtaining Naltrexone prescription from their doctors. If you have specific questions or concerns about this topic, please post to the forums so that other members with similar experiences can help with your questions.

Sources of Naltrexone from the internet include:

1) All Day Chemist: http://www.alldaychemist.com/

2) River Pharmacy: https://www.riverpharmacy.ca/

If you do order from internet sources, then we recommend ordering Naltima brand Naltrexone. Avoid Nodict brand of Naltrexone.

6. How to get Naltrexone from a DR “under cover” or what are the possible consciences?

-- awaiting answer ---

7. What is the honeymoon period?

This period of time, usually 4-8 days, at the beginning of TSM treatment where alcohol cravings dramatically decreases or completely disappears. This is a short term effect of TSM, that should be taken as a good sign. The honeymoon period is an indication that you are responding favorably to Naltrexone. The downside is that this effect is very short lived and you will quickly return to Pre-TSM drinking levels.

8. What are the differences between daily drinks and binge drinkers on TSM?

--awaiting answer---

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