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 Post subject: Naltrexone+SSRI
PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:55 am 

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I’m wondering if anyone has had experience combining naltrexone with an SSRI?

I’m not saying to get prescribed an anti depressant just to try out naltrexone,but some of the same issues that lead to alcohol use may be an indicator for an SSRI.

I’m asking because I started zoloft at a low dose(25mg) last week and it seems to have some mood benefits,which consequently helps decrease the need for alcohol.

Out of curiosity, I did some research online and there were some medical studies that suggested that SSRIs could augment the effectiveness of naltrexone.

Has anyone else had experience with this combination?

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 Post subject: Re: Naltrexone+SSRI
PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:50 am 

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Hi Prospects,

I have been on 25 -50 mg of Zoloft for almost 20 years. It has allowed me to live a "normal" life. I was diagnosed with depression that manifested itself in anger, anxiety. All my life I was hypersensitive (typical artist!) - my senses get over stimulated. I tried EVERYTHING to not take it but ran out of options. Every female in my family is on it. It saved my life. No one would ever suspect I am on it. I consider it the same as needing insulin or blood pressure meds. to survive.

I have tried to get off of it many times but unfortunately withdrawal can take a long time. So beware of that aspect.

I have been on Nal for 3 weeks. I seem to be hypersensitive to Nal so am now just able to tolerate 12.5 mg without feeling horrible the next day. Could there be a connection? Who knows. But alcoholism and depression go hand in hand. If the Zoloft is helping at that dosage, great! Take it at night or it can cause drowsiness during the day. It can make you a little dry, so drink extra water.

My consumption of alcohol has gone down from a bottle of white wine a day to an average of 13 drinks/week. Of course, I'm in the "honeymoon phase" but truly, my desire to drink has really dwindled. I have a lot of motivation -one is that I am getting older and partying is not in my best interest with osteoporosis, heart disease, dementia, etc. as consequences for excessive alcohol use past 60.

Best of luck to you. I'll be glad to discuss Zoloft with you in the future.


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 Post subject: Re: Naltrexone+SSRI
PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:57 am 

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SSRI's are a particular form of medications that specifically target Seretonin, which can have significant effects upon depression, anxiety and personality disorders. Depending on your condition(s) they can be very effective to help you to live with an manage those things in your life that can act as triggers for your drinking. Many people "self-medicate" their depression, for example, with alcohol. SSRI's can eliminate or at least lessen the depression, which may help you to drink less or even stop. Naltrexone works to help the brain to gradually "un-learn" the deep-rooted reward aspect by blocking the release of Endorphins. So taken in tadem, the SSRI's plus Naltrexone may address and eventually eliminate the need/desire/craving, for alcohol.

Best to work this through with an addictions specialist (a doctor).

Good luck...and keep us posted.

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