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 Post subject: Finally, the cure
PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:05 am 

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I'm not a big poster on boards but have found the information here extremely helpful so figured I'd post my story in case it can help someone else. I found TSM around mid-august 2017 and immediately lined up a local doctor known to be familiar with TSM. On Aug 21 I filled my first naltrexone prescription and thus found my savior in this little pill!

I'll back up a bit and describe my history. I've always loved booze since my first sip. It made me free. I was a shy kid and booze was my outlet. I went through my late teens and twenties knowing I liked it a bit more than everyone else, but it didn't start to be a major problem until about 3 years ago in my early 30's when I missed a couple days of work without notifying anyone. I was drunk on my couch in a binger, and it resulted in my first visit to HR, a threat, and my own personal embarrassment.

That was in 2014 and things really started to go sideways after that, 4 treatment programs, 2 visits to the ER (even got placed in the psych ward during one of those visits). I tried to combat the problem with 3.5 years of therapy, AA, SMART, mindfulness meditation, I was throwing everything at it. Nothing worked, in fact I got worse. I had known about naltrexone all along since my first doc prescribed it to me as an anti-craving medication. I never really had cravings (so I thought) and used it about 3 weeks then stopped since it didn't seem to be doing anything.

My drinking pattern before TSM was a week to 10 days of sobriety, followed by a binger of 20+ drinks per day for 3-4 days. I have never had a problem stopping drinking for a very short period of time, but it is always followed by an extremely high binge.

Thank god my Mom insisted I retake a look at naltrexone in August and I started to do further research and ended up finding the Sinclair method. I realized my experience with naltrexone was invalid since I wasn't doing it right. Since following TSM, it has been like a sledge hammer to that desire to drink. The first night I took naltrexone before drinking, I had 1 beer and the 2nd was left half drunk on the coffee table the next morning. That never happens with me. Any beer left on the coffee table will be downed at 3am, 4am, etc. The fact that it was my 2nd beer and not my 7th sitting there was even more remarkable. I poured it out the next morning as part of a ceremony and more of the same has happened since.

It has now been about 2 months. About half of the days per week, I take the Naltrexone, and then I drink whatever I want, and that is usually 2 beers, sometimes 1. That is a stark difference from what I was doing before the naltrexone, and that number is also naturally declining still. I am now drinking about a 6 pack per week for the last 6-7 weeks. If I cracked a 6 pack before TSM, it would almost assuredly not be my last or even 2nd to last for the night. It is such a strange thing for me to see a 6 pack of beer sit in my fridge for an entire week.

I feel like I have my life back. I'm now free to do whatever it is I'm meant to do on this planet without having this cloud of alcoholism hanging over my head. Thanks for reading!

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 Post subject: Re: Finally, the cure
PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 10:15 am 

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That's fantastic, Mp! Congratulations! Seems like you got a really fast response to the Naltrexone too. For most people there are ups and downs with TSM, so if you get a bit of a rebound don't let it throw you. Just stay compliant with taking the medication and that will roll off to a new low. That being said, going from 20+ per drinking day to a 6 pack per week... that's pretty freakin' solid results!

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 Post subject: Re: Finally, the cure
PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:23 pm 

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That's great news, MP! I had total control over alcohol the moment I started taking NAL, but at the five month mark true extinction occurred. Little did I know it could get even better. You may yet experience the same. Also, my Mum stuck by me through the process of ultimately conquering this thing through TSM @ 36y/o. Here's to the love of a mother. Cheers!


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