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 Post subject: Cured, thank you Roy, David, Gary and CThree
PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:49 am 

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Hi there, sorry if the graph is a bit rubbish. I started TSM from abstinence as I was falling in relapse anyway. I was buying drinks and not drinking them. Going to pubs etc. I had an idea of what would happen if I started drinking again through TSM. I thought it would start low and then I would go crazy for a week or so, then it would drop off to extinction. It did exactly that. AF (alcohol free) is graphed as 0 for a non AF day and a 1 for alcohol day. So 1 under AF means I didn't drink. Craving is done out of ten along with the average. I think the average of this is unfair because it takes into account my AF days so the average is lower. Maybe I am being too harsh - maybe I hardly wanted a drink when I wasn't drinking at all. The craving average peeked at about 5/10 at its worse then dropped onto 0.4 after 2/3 weeks. Unbelievable. This is week is a 0. It's always a 0 now, that's a cure I am sure. I have learned that I wasn't just drinking for pleasure but also to cover my nerves around people too. I have also learnt that drinking is 'hella' boring' and pleasure comes from seeing people, doing activities and working hard, actually. I will still continue to log my progress in my drink diary but I can safely say that's me done. Apologies if I haven't been logging stuff on the forums here during my time, but I always said to myself I would come back when I have finished to show you my progress. It's been bloody hard work in all honesty, I feel that I can finally put the bad stuff in my life to bed and focus on good stuff. I am very fortunate to have found out about TSM, and I am sure most of you guys are too. The idea here is to pass it on, do everything you can to get TSM into public knowledge. It's awful that only a hand full of people know about it, and people are dying from Alcohol Use Disorder everyday. I think it's our duty to advocate for TSM to the best of our ability. Just like Joanna and the rest of the lovely people at CThree. I, personally have written to my local MP in Manchester. Also, if you're from Manchester, I believe there may be people over at The Brian Hore Unit in Withington who may prescribe. Ask for Nathan. I ended up mucking them around unfortunately as I was in the mist of drinking at that point.

I would like to thank everyone here and wish them well on there journeys. I disagree with those who say that this isn't a miracle/cure drug cos it bloody is! It's 2016 and the first port of call for alcoholism is believing in God. How messed up is that? We split an atom about 70 years ago!

Good luck,

Cheers, Jac

https://outlook.live.com/owa/?path=/mail/search/attachmentlightbox - tried Copy and pasting the graph, maybe it'll work!

Day AF Dr/aver Drinks Crav Crav/aver

Mon 0 2 1.25 3 2.428571
Tues 0 1
Wed 0 3
Thur 0 3.5 3
Fri  0 1.5 6
Sat 1 0 1
Sun 1 0 0
Mon 0 3 4 1.571429 6 2.428571
Tues 1 0 0
Wed 0 1 6
Thur 0 2 2
Fri  1 0 0
Sat 0 4 3
Sun 1 0 0
Mon 1 4 0 4 2 5
Tues 1 0 7
Wed 0 1 3
Thur 0 1 2
Fri  1 8 6
Sat 1 18 7
Sun 0 0 8
Mon 0 3 4 4.714286 6 4.357143
Tues 1 0 2
Wed 0 7 7.5
Thur 1 0 1
Fri  0 8 4
Sat 0 14 8
Sun 1 0 2
Mon 0 4 3 3.285714 3 2.142857
Tues 1 0 2
Wed 0 15 5
Thur 1 0 0
Fri  1 0 1
Sat 1 0 1
Sun 0 5 3
Mon 1 4 0 1.142857 0 1.285714
Tues 1 0 1
Wed 1 0 0
Thur 1 0 0
Fri  0 3 4
Sat 0 3 3
Sun 0 2 1
Mon 1 4 0 0.4 0 0.4
Tues 1 0 0
Wed 1 0 0
Thur 1 0 0
Fri  0 2 0
Sat 0 1 0
Sun 1 0 0
Mon 0 2 0 0.0

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 Post subject: Re: Cured, thank you Roy, David, Gary and CThree
PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:00 am 

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Brilliant, SleepyJack! Congratulations!

Thanks so much for coming back and letting us know. Usually we'd be looking for a minimum 3-4 month timeframe for extinction to occur, but so many that have been sober for a number of months and decide to start TSM manage to get the drink under control very quickly.

Good job on getting the anxiety under control and putting your energy into your social and work life. Along with CBT, you might be interested in a book called The Upward Spiral by Alex Korb. It goes over the different parts of the brain and shows you depression and anxiety are linked and how a small thing can spiral into a depression, then shows you how you can use that same principal to wrest control and get an "Upward Spiral" going. Gets good reviews on Amazon and GoodReads, you can probably find some excerpts out there.

Again, well done and thanks for spreading the word about TSM!

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 Post subject: Re: Cured, thank you Roy, David, Gary and CThree
PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:23 am 

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Congrats SleepyJack,

It must have been a scary decision to try TSM after being sober for a while, but if the call of alcohol was that strong it was only a matter of time.

I have done a lot of reading on the subject and some researcher are seeing people responding faster to the nal if abstinence first (even though it isn't necessary).

I hope you come back in a year to let us know how you are doing, for curious minds will want to know.

Nal on,


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