Done Deal. Life Utterly Transformed.
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Author:  kasmauskas [ Wed May 22, 2013 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Don't want to jinx it but I think I'm cured

Hi. I've been using naltrexone and TSM for 31 days now and something definitely has changed!! The first few days I took naltrexone I only wanted 2-3 glasses of wine and the desire for more wasn't there. However, after the first few days I went back to my old pattern of drinking 2-3 bottles of wine a day. I was disappointed but had been reading these posts and new about the honeymoon stage so of course stuck with it. My family didn't want me home if I was drinking at all so I've been living in an hotel and doing this on my own. Continued to be discouraged and ashamed to even write the truth in my diary about the amount I was drinking. But something clicked about 3 days ago. During these 31 days I never had an AF day because I wanted to drink. 3 days ago I took the naltrexone and had 1 and a half glasses of wine and didn't want anymore. Then I told myself that I wasn't going to drink the next day to try an AF and to my amazement, I could care less!! I felt clear and excited about my life which is how I always was before I began to drink heavily. This is day 3 without alcohol and I feel great a d have no desire to drink. TSM is amazing. I wish I had know. About it from the start. My psychiatrist prescribed it to me 6 months ago but just said to take it and it would make alcohol less enjoyable. Well that happened one day and then I just became constipated so quit taking it. If I had know. The correct way to take it and heard about the success rate I would have continued drinking and taking it and added some stool softeners or something. I am so excited by this drug and TSM. I could have saved my family and myself a lot of heartache and feel it is a crime that his method isn't in the forefront of alcohol treatment. I tried AA and I love the meetings and the people but my craving never went away. Intact. In meetings I would share and spill my guts out and yet tell the group that I was going to get a glass of wine when I left. They said to pray and keep coming back. I did and I do believe in a higher power but that wasn't helping. I am an actress and a psychiatric nurse and I am in the process of writing a one woman show on my struggle with alcohol and TSM to try and bring this to the world. Wish me luck!!!!

Author:  barryb [ Wed May 22, 2013 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Done Deal. Life Utterly Transformed.

Awesome. That sounds like the real deal, so try to find ways to solidify it. "Actress and psychiatric nurse," I like that.

Author:  christopher.hulsey [ Fri May 24, 2013 11:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Done Deal. Life Utterly Transformed.

3 AF's in a row. I have not had many of those, but they sure make me feel like I have accomplished a lot. I see more of them in our future. :D

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